The New Normal

Cal Chan
1 min readSep 4, 2021

We’ve been holding out for things to get back to normal. Just a few more months, maybe a year, max.

Just another booster. Anything to get us closer to the finish line.

Freedom? I miss it, and I’m willing to sacrifice it now for the promise of it later.

But what if this is it? What if it doesn’t get any better than this again?

Closer to my sons, closer to my wife. Too close? Time to get comfortable, it’s going to be a long ride. No more distractions, none that don’t matter at least. Does work matter? Are there still opportunities for change? How do I contribute to build back better in this new context?

Take a shot? Take several? That’s the entrepreneurial way. Risk it all on the off chance of a better life.

The bad new normal? Rubbish, your being is a state of mind. New is always better.

Zen. Nothingness is bliss. Rid yourself of your financial chains you wear as jewelry. Enjoy nothing for a change.

The ultimate form of nothing. Live every moment like it could be your last.