We’ve been holding out for things to get back to normal. Just a few more months, maybe a year, max.

Just another booster. Anything to get us closer to the finish line.

Freedom? I miss it, and I’m willing to sacrifice it now for the promise of it later.


My unique opinions on my unique Asian American experience

The term “model minority” was coined during the 1960s, by sociologist William Petersen, to describe the Asian American experience — a group of people that, despite being discriminated against, pushed hard to assimilate, and found success. In many ways, the term…

Having a nuanced approach and opinion on outsourcing can help you scale a bootstrapped startup

Jason Calacanis is an incredibly successful Silicon Valley investor who has backed a number of startups, ranging from Uber to Robinhood. One thing his followers appreciate about him is his nuanced vision on hot-button topics, and having a granular attention to detail when discussing things ranging from NFTs and SPACs…

Cal Chan

Father of two sons and four brands.

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